Saturday, December 18, 2010

friday forte: i will not

Valentine's Day
valentines roses from mr ebb

(early resolutions - file under "thinking aloud/allowed")

I will not be late.
(Well, you've missed that one already - it's Saturday, dudette!). No more passing up opportunities due to another's inertia. Carpe diem and all that jazz ...
note to self: you go girl!

I will not be that stereotypical naggy, bitchy, older wife.
I owe it to myself to be a person I can stay in love with, not the role life is trying to force me into. If you don't want to do something, it just won't get done - don't expect me to step in anymore.
note to self: reminding is nagging under another heading

I will not be a doormat, self-sacrifice is not on my agenda.
Yes, there is a lot of compromise involved in being a mother and a partner, but since when did compromise become the exclusive property of the female of the house? Anyway, over-compromise leads to naggy, bitchy behaviour (see above).
note to self: it doesn't mean you've stopped caring

I will not be sole domestic facilitator.
Just because I have a uterus and ovaries it doesn't mean that I am any more equipped to scrub toilets/clean floors/meal plan/parent ... I'm not refusing to do them, I'm just saying that I'm not solely responsible.
note to self: it takes two, baby!

I will not turn into a cougar.
.... though this season's leopard print has made its way into my wardrobe (in a subtle fashion, I hope). I might not be the lithe, svelte, youthful version of myself (!) but I don't intend to shrivel up and disappear. Neither do I plan on throwing myself at the lifeguards in the summer (gracefulness in all things). I've no intention of disappearing into dowdy old womanhood but appreciate my wrinkles displace me from 'first flush of youth'. In th absence of reassurance, I need to find myself desirable without seeking external support.
note to self: I'd totally go out on a date with you ;)

I will not be that mum on her smartphone, ignoring her kids.
(pet peeve) So I don't have a data plan on my new android - there is a limit to how connected I want to be in this wireless world. I also appreciate how very consuming I find the internet .... it's not very good for my "being present" parenting.
note to self: playing Angry Birds counts too

I will not be flabby.
Hence exercise program in the new year (Y2Play pass for Grouse and skate ski lessons on Cypress, woohoo!). Exercise has been one of the casualities of the craft fair season.
note to self: must insert it into daily life and make it a habit (you know you will feel better for it)

I will write exceptional.
OK Scott, Mr Unmarketing - you win somewhat. I cannot promise stellar 24/7 and I won't stop writing/blogging but I'll try kicking it up a notch. Am hoping the part time college course starting in January will kick butt into gear. Maybe I'll have to write less frequently, maybe I'll have to schedule a writing day ... it'll happen.  
note to self: if you want to write more about science then do it, and get that post in draft out pronto!

I will not be stressed.
I've just completed five back-to-back craft fairs, four gallery shows, three bricks and mortar shop inventories, two volunteer commitment projects (ongoing) and one college application (successful) on top of the normal run of domestic duties .... and my head didn't explode/the sky didn't fall in/ my inventory didn't run out/I still have all my own teeth. I did it! and I'm almost on track for christmas (with visitors). Next time you find me stressing over being overwhelmed give me a good poke please, and remind me I can do it all.
note to self: splash out on housecleaning next time

I will not forget about the llama farm

I will not be anything other than myself.
Please don't ask as refusal often offends :)
note to self: welcome back :)
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