Tuesday, August 24, 2010

and it's tuesday (not wednesday)

For some reason, best known only to himself, the Wee Guy was adamant it was Wednesday thus wishing away a day of holiday.


He wasn't convinced until we signed in for kayak rental then took the word of a complete stranger.
Yes .....

But the family holiday still lurches along. We've instituted a 'no potty mouth' rule to cut down on the amount of poo talk (which is a bit ironic seeing as one of the toilets is blocked and won't flush solids, despite bringing it to the attention of The Front Desk), set up a curfew for dinnertimes so they don't extend into the wee small hours (a very unpopular move that was) and attempted to find him friends his own age/size while on holiday (you can guess how well that has been - we found a dog on Sunday). Today we took him kayaking and he loved it. Sadly no pics yet as they're in the disposable camera (it has a film to be developed - remember them?) but lots of 'lovely memories'. No one fell in.

Other good news; the spare camera battery is operational (forgot the adapter plug for the charger) so I can take more pics. Managed to wangle some embroidery time at the beach (where else?) and again at the cafe. I also engineered some 'quiet time' for me and the computer during the evening swim (them, not me and 120V) but the internet in the cottage is trying to kill me by not performing.
I'm a little tense.

School starts in two weeks (first day back is only half an hour - don't get me started on that little

Keep the faith.

(Honestly, I am enjoying myself.)
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