Friday, July 09, 2010

friday forte: holy crap

SPT June 12th, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

Well, in the spirit of true lack-of-time it's-the-summer-vacation-ness I am settled in Starbucks with a cup of Zen tea, trusty notebook connected to the (hopefully) trusty wireless hot spot, to roll the latest friday forte of the keyboard and into blogdom.

Yes, I'm doing it last minute.

But my inbox this morning has knocked me sideways.
Holy crap! I got shortlisted for a job interview .... next week ...... possibly Monday .....

..... so now all I can think of is childcare logistics for The Day, brushing up my editing skills and what the heck in my SAHM-wardrobe constitutes interview wear for a heatwave?

PS: I should also be thinking about the class I'm teaching next week, summer plans, a camping trip, the garage door, the guins' staycation, the cat's staycation, summer camp, marketing, making stuff and my parents' wedding anniversary.


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