Thursday, July 08, 2010

self portrait thursday: so how am i/are we going to get through this?

oh noes
oh noes! the summer holidays!

Yes, all ten weeks of summer vacation without the 'free' childminding that is 'fulltime' schooling in place.

Well, we have plans! I have plans, even the Wee Guy has plans. Even mr ebb had plans but his were a bit more extreme than ours so we won't mention them out loud.
We tacked a huge sheet of paper to the wall, roughed out a grid calendar and mapped out the (many) weeks we had ahead of us. The Wee Guy has filled in all his summer camps and I have added a few other activities. Alongside the calendar is an equally huge sheet with all the drop-in programs and excursions available in the area.

We're both reasonably confident we'll make it through .......... somehow.

oh noes part 2
oh noes: part 2


Anonymous said...

Stay strong! I believe you can do it. At least I hope so, because I will be right there with you soon enough. Daycare ends in a few weeks. What will I do without it?

pomomama said...

it's amazing how much difference even a little regular childcare makes to the 'working' day.
today is the end of pedalheads and next week all day camp starts. i'm hoping i get a bit more into the swing (and i think He's hoping to be a bit more summery too)

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