Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day - make way for pancakes soon

A Happy Canada day to all my readers, in Canada or not!

It's the start of the long weekend for some.

In Port Moody it's the start of the Golden Spike festival (celebrating our links with the railway line across this huge country) and, more importantly, our annual fertility festival firefighters' pancake breakfast morning. Each year the strong and the brave dust off their equipment, toss things deftly on hot griddles with spatulas, and ask innocently, "Would you like sausage with that?". Don't forget to check out the buns either. It runs over two days so you can go back for seconds (be still my beating heart).


... and PS: it's not just my fevered imagination. Mums of Port Moody - don't think I haven't noticed all the extra grooming that goes into getting ready for breakfast with firefighters every year .......

Dads of Port Moody - time to embrace a summer exercise routine I think.


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