Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a work in progress

It's snowing a(bloody)gain
.. and yes, the astute frequent readers among you might have noticed a few leetle changes (OK it's more a WTF? moment as I wrestled with uploading templates and reinstalling widgets - apologies to anyone trying to view as I tweaked, refreshed and shuffled).

.... but now I have a 3-column blog (portable crafting has gone trio too, it was the 'guinea pig for this little experiment).

There's still a little shuffling around to do as I'm not too happy with the layout - I want clean, minimal and not too uncluttered but with all the stuff that was in the previous version!

I have had plenty of time to do this recently since we are All stricken with a mighty lurgy. The Lower Mainland cold has swept thru the family, forcing mr ebb and The Wee Guy thru highs and lows of fever. So far we've had one trip to ER, one bottle of Tylenol and a lot of sweating. I just feel constantly nauseous with coughing and have no energy.

ebb's forlorn fuzzy ballsSo there's a forlorn little pile of crafting projects waiting for me, including an intriguing choker with some valentine's fuzzy balls (dittoimage missing!), but I have finished my new beret and the thank you cards are waiting for their envelopes. These are printed on card blanks with room for The Wee Guy to write and decorate - makes life so much easier (especially since mr ebb doesn't seem to think it's his job to oversee the gratitude platitudes).

gaaah! there should be a pic of the cards here but damn blogger isn't letting me upload!!! might edit later but till then, publish and be damned
thank you cards
PS: there's no point in relisting on Etsy these days - see here for why!

addendum: did a flickr workaround for the pics, good old flickr!
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