Monday, January 19, 2009

myths and myth-busting

For me to quit my day job I would need to be earning enough to cover the costs of
- full time out-of-school care for a kindergarten student,
- a weekly or twice weekly cleaner to keep the house habitable and hygienic
- either a cook for meal prep or a meal service or eating out every day
- a domestic administrator to deal with the household finances, social calendar, budgeting and provisioning
... and that's probably not all!
Currently according to the Etsy definition I have in fact quit my day job since I am running a home-based craft business around my family, supplementing the income my husband brings in. But since my day job is being a SAHM who crafts in, around and in spite of family life it would be extremely difficult for me to quit it, pay someone else to do it for me and still contribute to the household income.
Naaah! I think I'll continue doing things my way and call it supplementing the family income while continuing to be the stay-at-home parent.
It's more like "Double Your Day Job" in reality.


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