Monday, January 12, 2009

custom projects this and that

Just a quick blog post today. I finished this custom project last night and am very pleased with it.
As a side note, you can see also the photography of shiny things is improving with my window shelf lightbox. (I do have bigger and better aims with the photography btw since discovering this excellent DIY version on the Craft blog).
... but back to the pendant. It's made from sterling and fine silver. First I cut a disc then dapped it to form the concave surface. Holes were drilled then a nest of fine silver woven to trap the single freshwater pearl. Oh, and a bail was soldered to the reverse somewhere appropriate in the whole proceedings.
The finished pendant is hung from a stainless steel necklace, highlighting the cool modernity and uniqueness (!) of the design.
little budsI also fiddled about with some matching earrings and oh boy, my eyes and fingers were tired at the end of it (but worthwhile!).
Why custom? Well, there's a blue glass pearl version for sale in my Etsy shop but the customer preferred white for her birthday.
I hope she likes it! I loved making it.

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