Sunday, January 11, 2009

peanuts or a tale of two ecommerce sites

peanuts, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

In the winter we load pinecones with chunky peanut butter to give the feathery ones a litle extra nutrition during the snow season. It's loaded with fat and protein so hopefully will allow them to maintain good body condition while natural food is hard to locate. If you've been following the "view from my deck 365" recently you will know exactly what I'm talking about. The two fat feeders, peanut butter pine cones and sunflower seed bell seem to have worked as the chickadees and others (who embarrassingly I do not know having grown up with another continent's domestic birdlife) are flocking around the deck once more. We hang our feeders every winter, filled with good, nourishing treats as advised by our local wild bird shop and are rewarded year round with some excellent visitors. Apart from the chickadees I have seen woodpeckers, robins, twohees and some cute speckled things(either siskins or a finch!). In the summer we also see Anna's humming birds though I'm still trying to work out a feeder regime for them. Our beautiful blown glass feeder is useless cos when full, the spout falls out spilling sugar solution all over the deck. The cat is totally entranced. The food scarcity is making the birds very bold (not that she has any chance of getting to them).

So what about the tale of two etc etc.? Well one ecommerce site hung out its feeders
good and early, so the sellers there are in great body condition. The other, well they're just handing out pretty crappy peanuts sporadically as usual, the feeding table is still full but satisfaction levels are low.

Which feeding table will the birds be flocking round next winter?


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