Tuesday, August 05, 2008

today .......

got up at 7.30am and joined the wee guy for breakfast (yesterday's failure of blueberry waffles are still guarding the breadcrock - had porrige)

caught up with internet stuff (Etsybitch) and emails

left the house just after 9am, posted an Etsy order off to a buyer and then went to the gym where i ran for 22 minutes, cycled for 10 minutes then found out my weight had gone up since last week (water retention??). my goal of weight loss by my birthday is in serious jeopardy

home again to pick up swim gear then headed off to park at the rec centre. wrangled/walked along the Inlet Trail to Rocky Point and the outdoor swim pool. sat under a huge umbrella while the wee guy splashed his way thru a lesson (he's almost swimming now - so proud). finished one cuff and a pair of wire crochet earrings while waiting. one mum saw my work and liked it. am still not brazen enough to hand out business cards (but i should!) - will get ebb and flo URL tattoo instead.

walked back to the car, home for (small) lunch (rescued the bread out from under the failed blueberry things).

hitched the bike rack to the car, loaded bike and wee guy then set off for http://www.secretcycles.ca/ for a bike fitting. alas! my frame is too small for me so Scott is going to try make it as comfortable as possible without cranking my neck so much that my vertigo is induced. leave bike at shop (yahoo - no wrestling with the bike rack again!).

home for quiet time (me = internet, tidying studio, thinking aimlessly about dinner; him = a Bob the Builder video and amateur town planning with his fisher price people)

listed some new items - fantastic handmade earwires with daisy cabs and some lovely fresh sterling silver daisy earrings

oven on at 5pm, dinner in oven at 5.30pm-ish

meet daddy off the bus ('that's my daddy, the one with the bald head and the white jacket') - such excitement.

feed family. tidy up after family. storytime in bed.

goodnight kisses

blog, email replies .....

...and that's what i did today!

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