Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a most magical night

(Please click on the photo above to go to the photographer's page - there's a nice commentary written about this shot, and also some more great photographs).

Somehow my insomnia kicks in regularly at around 3am each morning and I spend almost an hour unable to go back to sleep. On a bad night I can fall asleep just before the alarm goes off to wake us all for a new day - on those mornings I am extremely grumpy.

Last night however, I welcomed my insomnia since the annual perseid shower was in full spate. I opened my eyes, saw 4.12am on the digital display and gave sleep a reprieve. It didn't come so I swung my feet over the edge of the bed and padded down one floor to the glass doors out onto the deck.

There's quite a lot of light pollution around but with the moon down at last once my eyes acclimatised I could see some bright streaks crossing the sky.

Then there was a little squeak and a pad pad pad of tiny feet across the deck. My wee guy, who has shared my crazy sleep-wake cycle since we co-slept in those early years, came trotting out to see what mummy was doing. I wrapped him in my blanket and we star gazed together, with me explaining what meteors and comets were, which constellations we could see and how to make a wish on a shooting star. Then we crept back to bed, without waking daddy, and talked some more till we both fell asleep.

I asked him what had been his favourite moment out on the deck. He thought for a while and then said, "It was when you were telling me how meteors are."

A very special moment.


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