Sunday, June 01, 2008

yay for babysitters!

We finally found a babysitter for the wee guy.

correction: we were finally brave enough to get a babysitter for our wee guy

in translation: Mr. ebb and I finally went out on a date to the movies together to watch something other than Charlotte's Web (which was a great movie BTW - I've never cried over a spider before) or Happy Feet (also a good movie but with no pecs to drool over).

... and what did we choose to go see? It was a close run competition between the new Indiana Jones movie and another unfeasible fantasy fest

Marvel comics won out in the end, and quite rightly too!

... and the wee guy adores his babysitter (thank you C if you are reading this!) so much that on the morning after her first visit he scoured the house looking for her and was inconsolable at not finding her!
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