Saturday, June 14, 2008

making a splash

making a splash, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

It was warm enough to spend the afternoon in the pool. The wee guy perfected his diving and splashing routine, and mr. ebb tanned the baldness that covers the top of his head.

He is now a beacon of light and I will probably get no sleep tonight.*

So far (day one and counting) the holiday is going well. We're staying in a gorgeous little cottage on a cliff above Otter Bay. This morning we went to the local farmers' market (where everything for sale is maked, baked or growed on Pender Island) to stock up on yummy goat cheese from Iona Farms and delicious Polish cheesecake from Ewa.

Sadly, the bottle of red wine is no more.
Even more sadly, the chocolate cake vanished in a trail of crumbs last night.

I've started knitting a stripey jumper for the wee guy's bear, expect to see progress reports every now and then.

* This will be light-induced, glowing skull insomnia rather than any other kind of insomnia that ye of filthy minds are thinking of.

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