Thursday, June 05, 2008

reflections part 1

reflections part 1, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

..... or my quest to photograph my shiny projects (or push me into making everything with a matte finish) continues!

I took these using a masked off flash (used an opaque piece of white plastic over the flash bulb). Turned to the side, this method worked as there was very little glare back into the lens and more of the copper fusing detail is apparent.

reflections part 2
When I tried the same thing in my very primitive white box (ahem, it's not yet even a box but I'm working on it!) the flash really bounced back - either mask out the flash more or work on another work around methinks!

sterling silver posts with fused copper inlay and facetted glass dangles (not quite for sale yet - must get off my butt and list some pieces!)


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