Friday, March 14, 2008

hold the front page!



My night sky constellations cuff was on the front page of Etsy, courtesy of this amazing treasury from BenandHenry.

Black is always classy and this theme list is stunning. Equally stunning (and classy) is benandhenry's (named after her two cavalier king charles spaniels, and not her husband!) shop. Check out my new faves, these awesome kyanite waterfall earrings - you will not be disappointed.

Thanks are also due to terrain (celebrate spring with this amazing super-opera length lepidolite and aquamarine necklace) and soap (choose OCV, Dragon's Blood and Blue here), who emailed me to let me know I was on the front page. Preschool, skating and mundane household stuff had taken the place of Etsy-watching that day so without them I would be none the wiser, except that the cuff got over 500 views!

.... and my new chunky glass earrings were in this little gem of a treasury from mitsel8, who makes the most vibrant art treasure boxes inspired by her own daughter's artwork.

The treasury is a lovely collection of blue and green, very lush and eye catching.

Thank you

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