Sunday, March 09, 2008

lazy sunday morning/afternoon

Clock's went forward for us in this part of the world. Mercifully The Wee Guy slept in so we didn't lose out too much. After a slap-up, yummy waffle breakfast courtesy of Mr. Ebb we hit the road in search of the latest Bobs and Lolo concert.

A quick glance thru the local papers some weeks ago had revealed they would be in Tri Cities for a few shows a family fair this weekend. The Wee Guy is a huge fan of the singers (yes, we have all their CDs, and the new DVD for grooving to) and usually goes very quiet/shy when he sees them. He's sort of 'known' Lolo since he was a bump and probably first heard them singing when in utero too. So to meet up in the flesh is still a cool experience for him (will remind him of this when he's all emo and grunge at 15!)

Anyone who's been living under a rock in Lower Mainland check out the You Tube video for details - take it from me, this is great children's entertainment. It keeps my little guy entertained as he sings the songs while running round at other activities.

... and for mums too, these are great CDs. Apart from the automatic babysitter-iness of them, the songs are pretty groovy to listen along to (a big plus when faced with endless icky, schmaltzy nursery rhyme style CDs to choose from - bleh).

I've even been caught singing along at the concerts.
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