Saturday, March 08, 2008

come into my garden ....

on the left: "tapestry" available from ebbandflo

For the first time in an absolute age I decided to take a wander thru Etsy's treasury. This is a member-curated area where Etsians can compile their own wish lists or themed posters in the hope of getting some exposure on the famed Front Page.

It is absolutely taboo in certain circles to include an item of your own, although the TOU do allow inclusion of one (but it's generally regarded as naff since the idea is to promote others).

Amazingly one of my new items, the Into The Garden flotsam wire crochet cuff was included in this gorgeous themed wishlist by Misslo, along with some beautiful items from some really talented artists.

Don't forget to visit Misslo's store for some incredibly stunning (but as she says, functional) ceramic ware. You won't be disappointed.

Anyone who can receive inspiration from Fiesta Ware is worth visiting (and I'm totally assuming that this fiesta ware is the disposable plate stuff unless I've made a huge cultural boob).

... but back to my Garden cuff (since I'm all about self promotion too).

This is one of my range of flotsam wire crochet cuffs. Flotsam? - because they rather graciously look like they've been tossed around in the oceans for a while and have gathered a huge amount of detritus on their journey.

The idea combines fibre with metal, with a small nod to felting and beadwork. I loved the idea of bringing it all together in something wearable.

Garden is one of my favourites, combining gloroius pale green hand dyed alpaca (which I had to buy when I first saw it for sale) with synthetic yarns, plus glass charms on top of tinned copper wire crochet. I have my own version of the garden cuff and wear it lots.
ebb and flo by pomo mama design click to shop pomo mama design online!