Thursday, February 28, 2008

sunshine and lollipops

here's mr ebbandflo giving his wife a cuddle.

mr ebbandflo worked from home today so he could come with me to my ear specialist appointment. i am so glad he did - it wasn't great news as most of the hearing in my right ear is very damaged and may never return. until today i still held out a lot of hope but now, not so sure. the doc has put me on a course of steroids for 12 days to see if anything can be salvaged at this late stage.

(side note: the side effects of steroids can be euphoria - mr ebbandflo might be in for a fun night!!)

but anyways, my balance is much better - i can stand without swaying (too much), i don't fall over so much when i'm trapped in the garage without the light on (such fun) and the continual puking due to nausea of vertigo is a thing of the past (that was The worst). my wee guy now tells me where he is in the house, since i cannot tell what direction the noise is coming from (recently "ow! i hurt my leg! ow ow ow! " followed closely by "mummy - i'm in my bedroom"

and today i could hear the tuning fork hearing test in my right ear so maybe there is a slow improvement there anyway. i'm not going to give up on it!

medical note: labyrinthitis with both balance and hearing loss is very unusual. please please please, if anyone reading this suffers acute hearing loss like this, make sure the first medical person you see gives you a course of steroids to protect your hearing. in my case, it may have stopped me from becoming deaf

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