Sunday, February 17, 2008

out and about

out and about
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After a shaky couple of days coming off gravol it's nice to get out and about. We went for a very gentle walk along the Inlet Trail for an extremely short distance. The sun shone and it was gorgeous to be outside ...... but I was absolutely exhausted! I came home, The Man set upa sun lounger for me on the deck and I went to sleep under a blanket in the fresh air.

Once I woke up and shook off the vague nausea and dizziness that accompanies each change in position these days (a real drag) I managed to get some knitting done and also photographed some of this week's jewelry making. There's also an order of earwires whirling around in the tumbler this evening so I'm feeling at least a little bit productive. Maybe the housework tomorrow??

..... little steps!

new chunky glass flowers


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