Thursday, September 16, 2010

self portrait thursday; the shut-eye edition

brass bud pendant, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

brass bud pendant

it's thursday, thursday evening and i'm working up in the eaves at my desk. the lamp is on and i'm in the middle of a small pool of light. i'm tired. my SPT photo was taken on tuesday so technically doesn't count for today, and i'm too tired to load up another :(

today i sorted thru inventory, made it out to craft with a group of mums, scheduled seven blog posts over lunch at a local cafe, then returned home for the final leg of the inventory redistribution before resuming domestic duties.

i'm tired.
i'm tired and i haven't blogged 'for myself' yet.
i have blogged but it was for a volunteer commitment (which i thoroughly enjoy, and seems to have been successful in driving up sales).
i'd really like to blog for myself tonight but i'm tired.

i'm too tired to be inspired, which is why i'm now filling the need to blog by blogging about being too tired to blog ...... so where do i go from here?

well, despite being tired, i do have plans. i'm meticulously plotting a time-in-motion study (don't laugh, mr ebb) of what i do, when i do it, and when i do it best, in an effort to schedule more efficiency into my working life. instead of drifting thru time and space i'm trying to work more intelligently.
- hence the scheduling a month's worth of blog post for the artists.
(makes mental note to do something similar with her own website).
- hence the planning big projects during the luxury of after school care days
- hence the taking notice of what works, what doesn't, where energy is best spent and what's basically just pissing in the wind a waste of time.
... and so on (which i'm too tired to detail right now)

work smarter, not longer and have some time with mr ebb in the evenings ;) unless he's still battling laptop woes.

what i'd like to end up with, is a working day that doesn't leave me doing stuff i should be enjoying when i'm knackered very tired indeed. i'd like a working day which doesn't leave me working into the late evening ..... and i think it's possible. i just need to plan and schedule and optimise every working moment.

cloud cuckoo land? maybe. but raccoon-mum land ... hmm, no thanks. i needs my sleep.

.... and the capitals? well, right now i'm too tired for shift, you know ......

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