Saturday, September 28, 2013

a week

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In a week. 
So yesterday I was ahead of work. Tonight there's some waiting for me if I can drag myself to a keyboard. I've written part of it, and now just need to proof, edit and sort through the event photos. 
Right now though, I just want to sleep. 
So it can wait. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

self portrait thursday: out and about

For once, I'm ahead of work this week ... or at least I haven't found out anything sneakily missing if I don't count the half-finished events post I checked in on this evening. Easily rectified.
I feel like I'm slowly getting a handle on juggling my time around three different work clients, learning more about setting the boundaries to ensure I'm not 24/7. Two contracts are paid by the piece; the other is trickier as it's by the hour, and there's way more for the hours allotted than can be accomplished. The temptation is to just keep on swimming like Dorey, but that's hardly fair to my other clients or to my family, or even to myself. Anyway, there is a time limit involved so technically the boundaries I should be setting are about what work can be accomplished, and the client needs to appreciate this.
Tomorrow I have one post to write, two posts to edit - I've finished as much laundry and housework as I can get away with this week - I'm over and above hours for another freelance contract, with a few more to come this weekend - and mr ebb is home from Oz.
We celebrated being back in the same space by going out for lunch at the Gallery Bistro, staving off the need for a nap (him = jet lag; me = sleep-over with the Wee Guy) for a few more hours with spicey Morroccan Pea soup and a luscious bistro wrap before heading out into the garden patio to savor a coffee each.
Then back to work/home/nap/whatever.
Relaxation in any language.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

friday forte: beverage

So close.
So close, but to what.
Decision time is coming very soon I think.
But meanwhile a relaxing pause.
Today is a Pro D Day, so Wee Guy and I slept in, did some work/play them headed off for a swim.
Took in some errands on the way home.
Checked in on a friend going thru some air.
Picked up some hexapus.
Paused at Caffe Divano for a welcome break.
Shipping is very good for the soul.
And so are oreo cookies :)

Hexapus Take Down

Hexapus Take Down, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

Today the centennial exhibition at city hall is over - last chance to see ...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

... and then, all too soon, it's over

Breakfast (second breakfast) on the way back home from our impromptu long weekend in Whistler. Back to home. Back to routine. Back to the usuals.
The fog rolled in just as we rounded the corner to Britannia Beach, reminding us that we'd caught the last of the summer? in Whistler this weekend, and that woolly tights will soon be mandatory (though maybe not for the boys!).
How to get home?
But we've had a wonderful time.
Even though bags were packed last minute, and we arrived with no plans, the time off was well and truly Time Off.
Aaah whistler :)
OK - I had a couple of writing assignments to finish off.
And yes, I picked up another one along the way.
And true - I carried some general off-pissedness from a situation that arose at the eleventh hour ...
How to get home?
... but we all had a relaxing break, cycling around the Valley Trail, getting lost, swimming in the lake, and eating delicious food.
Here's to the next break (not too long to wait, I hope).

Saturday, September 14, 2013

How to get home?

How to get home?, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

But do we want to?
A surprise, last minute, booked at a moment's notice escape to Whistler is recharging the whole family.
I did my duty for work at the evening opening reception, taking the event photos and generally sweating every minute of approaching people for the snaps.
They, mr ebb and the Wee Guy, packed up the house, secured the bikes and then swooped down the mountain to scoop me away from the arts.
Two-bedroom bliss in a very quiet condo just off the slopes. Bike everywhere. Sunshine. Heat. Cool lakes. Wandering without deadlines.
They picked up lunch from pure bread in the Olympic Plaza.
He played in the play area.
Bigger He corralled his emails.
I picked up a deliciously creative writing assignment.
Cycled by Green Lake. Lunch by the water park. Swim in the pool. Writing into the evening.
Portable work life.
Sleep, no sweat.

Monday, September 09, 2013

midlife monday: maybe

Maybe today, the first full Monday of the back to school year - maybe today I felt like I managed a full day of work.
Felt like I accomplished something even though there is still writing left for tomorrow and the rest of the week. And then next week too.
Felt like maybe I did a normal day's work.
Without too much crazy stress, or juggling - time, kid, domestics whatever.
Maybe today felt manageable.
Maybe this could be the new normal.


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Rogers MMS

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Saturday, September 07, 2013


This evening's doodle using Corel Painter 12. Today I played hookey from work, spending the afternoon with the boys at the PNE instead of finishing this task and that tweak. It felt good. The work still isn't done. But I did get some time off.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

SPT 5sept13: darkest after

An afternoon of rumbling thunderstorms, with the cloud creeping up and Duran the mountain. Ms Griz pre - announced the storm so I was prepared to sit and watch the lightning flashes. Today was a full day working at home. One of those files days when you have very little to show and can be easily discouraged. Now I keep a diary documenting each task I accomplished to refer back toto satisfy the "what have I done all day?" questions in my head. It works. They're silent for a while. Still so much to do. I'm hoping they stay stay quiet and let me sleep tonight. There's only so many hours in a day.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

sensual sunday: sappy scottish love songs and more

bike trails: Pitt River dykes

This week, in my quest to live more in touch with my senses -
last strawberry?
... the return of summer, with blue skies and sunshine and warm days

... the last strawberry of summer? so sweet and juicy

... pastabake smells (and tastes) even better when it's cooked by someone else

... in all their hyper-amplified glory - The Proclaimers in concert, outdoors at the PNE

... new haircut and a-maz-ing head massage from Jen at Volution Salon in Kits
back-to-school haircuts
Have you been treating your senses kindly this week?
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