all about me

Hi. My name is Amanda, though you might know me as pomomama or ebbandflo or even Dr. Maxwell if we go way back.

I am;
  • a midlife mature mum of one adorable Wee Guy and spouse to mr ebb; 
  • an expat, ex-scientist, ex-small animal veterinary surgeon, trailing spouse who emigrated for love; 
  • proudly Scottish, proud new Canadian
  • near Vancouver, BC but not in the city
  • a mixed media artist, a volunteer, an explorer of options, a doctor of Philosophy; 
  • a wannabe (science) writer, a part-time student exploring her writing options and learning her craft;
  • a digital space explorer, boldly translating complex ideas into engaging everyday language;
  • not interested in reviewing baby wipes, diapers, tutus, or stretch mark cream (android tablets, smartphones, holidays to europe, vibrators, freelance writing projects, booze and chocolate are much more likely to ring my bell); 
  • a grouchy malcontent, a not willingly-anymore SAHM seeking a return to the workforce of paid employment out-of-the-home in, around and in spite of my family.
Take your pick, or find out more here :)

I was interviewed by Amber on about family planning (!) and on Crafting My Life about being creative as a SAHM. Kerry at Crunchy Carpets on Wet Coast Women interviewed me too. Check out my style here on Tracey's awesome Fashion Forward 40 blog, boldly paving the way for women over 40 to remain visible and banishing mutton-as-lamb. Got Craft? interviewed me about my crafting and my Expat Blogs interview is here. My art clay silver work is featured in Tammy Powley's book on metal clay jewelry.

I presented my experience with expat homesickness and creativity, home is where the heart is, at Pecha Kucha Night in Coquitlam with Artsconnect in April 2012.

You can also find me here;
Thanks for reading!

Contact me through the comments box below. Your words won't be published and I'll answer PDQ.

Please note, I do not review items, places or facilities of which I have no direct experience myself. So no, I won't mention your incredibly fugly and expensive fleece boots, exorbitantly expensive children's educational class, or impractically-for-me located lifestyle events unless you 'make it so'. Please also note, my child is male and well out of toddlerhood (le sigh).
My blog centres around the joys, delights, despairs and frankly quite ugly moments of being a midlife mature immigrant mum trying to head back into the workplace in, around and in spite of her family. If you think your product really fits in with the tone of my writing then we should talk rates, and you should seek therapy too (I highly recommend it).
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