Tuesday, September 07, 2010

business as usual

In the interests of full disclosure, I am not a prude, but in the interest of bringing closure to a certain amount of current full disclosure I feel I must stamp out forced dislosure forthwith.

There are few things that phase me about nudity. I'm not a nudist but I do feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel no need to huddle under a towel or use the cubicle in a women's changing area. Everybody in there, as far as I can see (barring a few babies), has approximately the same accessories that I have, plus or minus a few scars with points of reference higher or lower depending on gravity's toll. I've been to Wreck Beach, I've taken European saunas with strangers, I've had al fresco sex in a meadow (and behind my parents' garden shed), I've breastfed in public .... but now I'm at a a bit of a crossroads.

No, don't worry Tri Cities residents. I'm not about to start running daily errands in the buff or volunteer as a life model at the art centre (no, I'd go waaaaaaay out of the area to hold the pose).

This is more of a domestic matter.
My son is now seven years old. We've always run a not particularly modest household, and it's only recently I've established visiting the bathroom as a solo hobby (with the door closed, locked even, without the tattoo of beating fists on the other side).
One day I dream, the Wee Guy and mr ebb will shut the door too!
Otherwise it's a no holds barrs, clothing optional, nudity around every corner first thing in the morning household. We're waiting for the Wee Guy to make the first move towards imposing modesty which, according to the text books, should be right about now. He should be requesting privacy, shutting the door and making "ewwwww yuck splurg" noises when he sees me au naturel.

So far - nothing, except I've discovered there are two areas of my life I'd like a little more modesty about.

IMO no boy should ever see his mother plucking chin hairs, and he should certainly, and under no circumstances what so ever, see her hoisting on a G-string (even if it is for purely vain no-visible-knicker-line reasons). I'm convinced the sight of my arse thus attired would scar him for years to come, and I don't think he'll inherit enough wealth to pay for all the therapy. Since I intend to wear this season's skinny jeans with pride (and no VPL), I'm foreseeing a lot of hurried dressing in the closet in my future (or sitting down quickly).

What's your line in the sand on domestic modesty? Please comment so I can laugh my head off and forget my own hang ups.

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