Tuesday, October 07, 2008

off at the deep end

OK ... so maybe I did rant a little at a blog last month.

It was a mummy blog.
and it was about organic food
.... carrots
.... and whether they were indeed good to feed your precious little package
... and maybe this was the final straw for the camel's back?

But I haven't seen that blog post in a while.

Maybe there's a way to remove yourself from someone's Google Reader?

I don't know. Not sure how I feel about silencing a voice (potentially) ...

.... but I do fell glad that I spoke out about the utter crap that some mummy bloggers seem intent on foisting on the rest of us struggling mums. Honestly! Why try to make us feel any worse that we usually already are by voicing 'concerns' about possibly the only organic food that our children will eat willingly? Snacking carrots are a mainstay in my house. I love it that The Wee Guy will eat them willingly and pack them for his healthy school snack.

So maybe I'm just a little touchy about an attack on my dwindling nutritional powers?

Life as a mum is difficult at best, there's no real feedback or job appraisal and most of us just Try Our Best. Suddenly mummy bloggers seem to have taken it upon themselves to heap our already piled high plates with a whole host of extra work orders. When was the last time you heard a dad being encouraged to check out the BPA content of a sippy cup, or to tally up the organic-ness of the shopping list? When were dads last encouraged to boost the earth-friendliness of suitable developmental toys, or blasted because their little 'uns weren't in sustainable fibres? Yup - never!

As well as running the household, having responsibility for the majority of the housework and childcare, and overseeing feeding the masses, mothers are suddenly expected to also keep the faith as being the social and environmental conscience of the family.

In translation, yet another bloody thing to do!

No thanks!
and PS: carrots always go slightly white on the surface if you peel, wash and keep them damp. I know that from when my parents used to grow their own veg.

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Anonymous said...

Goodness! I count it as a success in life (and parenting) that my kid will now serve herself vegetable portions at meals unprompted.

I am not sure if I could handle having to guarantee that every bite of what she eats were healthy, sustainably grown, organic and socially positive! The mind boggles!

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