Monday, October 20, 2008

inventory check

heaps of wire crochet, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

Yesterday evening I worked thru my inventory in preparation for a craft fair next weekend. I'm trying to get everything ready in advance for a change as I'll be quite busy most evenings this week. I checked all the pieces had price tags and that my displays were up to scratch .... and I added a lint roller to my list (a must have for dark blue table coverings).

This morning I packed all my equipment, jewelry, cloths, etc. into a giant pull-along suitaces and voila! ebbandflo is good to go.

So this afternoon we (The Wee Guy and I) have a playdate with a neighbour. I'm taking
pumpkin bread and himself will be taking along his best smile and funky T shirt to impress the ladies. I'll also be turning up with some knitting. I want finish off this mohair scarf stitch detail and start on another crochet neckwarmer. I have great plans to display (and possibly sell) my brooches in situ on neckwear at the craft fair ..... and that's about as much marketing and prep as I've done so far!

Wish me luck.


Pretty Things said...

The jewelry looks sooo inviting in that shot, like, "Let me get my hands on THAT!"

And the yarn is divine. That's my other passion.

pomomama said...

thanks lori .... and yes, a wonderful local yarn shop isn't helping my wallet (but it is helping my creative passions!)

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