Friday, June 05, 2015

friday forte: work not in progress; work done

frustration: feel the rush
necklace: mixed media, tracing paper, acrylic medium, beadwire, pearls, glass, ribbon

Finally! Studio almost unpacked.
Made stuff.
Feels good :)

I started this piece months ago, when my studio was in boxes, storage and not accessible. Basically, it's what I had to hand and portrays the frustration of being away from materials, tools, beads, ... I'm sure other artists have felt this way too.

It's like a withdrawal - going cold turkey.

It was tempered however, with simply not having enough time to create, which in itself is a frustrating experience.
So I took what I had and I created.

It is an amazing rush when you can make something out of so very little.

And now I have so much ... but then I always have, maybe just not recognised it.

Here's to more creativity! and less frustration.
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