Monday, January 26, 2015

monday's sunday scribbles

my boys, just hanging out together :)

Sometimes Sunday just comes and goes without registering ... well, of course it didn't. It was full of family stuff as usual, with an inspiring trip to Evergreen's Emerging Talent gallery reception and film festival (more info here) thrown in for good measure.

I had two pieces published on Accelerating Proteomics and one in the new Inside Biobanking  blog.

  • Epitheliod Sarcoma Proteome Reveals Molecular Alterations, where researchers compared normal surrounding tissue with tumor to see what differs. By doing this, scientists can get a lot of information on what is altered in cancer cells, thereby gaining useful ideas for developing treatments.
  • Multi-parameter Spectral Scoring Improves Peptide Identification in Shotgun Proteomics - this was a software review, written about algorithms, data analysis and whatnot for proteomics, the study of proteins. I understood it when I wrote it, is all I can say. Each paper I read on proteomics pushes my knowledge of this fascinating subject along a little further - it's interesting to note that, had I stayed in research, my work would probably be heading along these methodologies.
  • Biobanks and Donors: How to Understand What is Understood looks at the process by which informed consent is established for donors supplying biomaterials for onward research. It's a big subject and a fascinating one, so it was interesting to find out how much goes into designing consent forms these days.

In addition, I spent an enjoyable Friday morning interviewing Fred Soofi at his newly refurbished restaurant, Pasta Polo for a business review to publish in February.

As another project, I've also been working on marketing copy and thinking up ideas for presenting a portfolio as a way for a business to network to new clients.

and I was the subject of this post, beautifully written by Roma to announce my employment with Talk Science To Me (wahoo!).

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