Friday, January 02, 2015

dancing on the stars

Day after and into a new year. It's been a strange festive period - much christmassy stuff punctuated by unpacking boxes. Not a lot of going out, a lot of getting the house ready for work and schools and so on. I'm hoping we'll be back on track in 2015, after the dishwasher repair, the bathroom reno and the floors project!
So no set in stone resolutions for me - just a vague intention to get fit and cycle more and improve the work/life balance thing; to strive onwards and upwards with parenting my Wee Guy, to improve my #scicomms skills and develop new ones; to paint, to create, to write, to live more.
It's difficult to set out intentions without seeming selfish, but in the last year of my forties, I'm more aware than ever before that it's me that predominantly takes care of me. And that by taking more care of me, I am stronger to take care of my family.
Without letting my family hold me back, I need to go forward so that I can pull them along too.
An oxymoronic start to a new year? Probably but that's life!
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