Wednesday, November 13, 2013

(not nearly enough words) wednesday: twenty years ago today

Seems like a lifetime ago, but it also feels just like yesterday.
I don't feel any older; maybe I feel a little wiser; I certainly feel complete.

We've come through some tough choices and done a lot of maturing together, learning to live with each other and enhance each other's existence. Some of it was welcome, and some we'd both rather not have had to face.
We've laughed together. We've ranted together. We've walked out on one another.
We've been told we're too smoochy. We've been described as perfect for each other. We've been asked, why do you stay together?
I've been accused of whining about my husband as I explored what wasn't working well, and told to keep it to myself.
Whatever - I don't see you with the same person you started out with - go figure.

It's been a twenty-year journey into growing up and making something of life together. It hasn't been easy, and it hasn't always been golden.

But I can honestly say, I cannot imagine growing older without this man at my side.

Happy anniversary mr ebb - thanks for sticking around xxx

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