Thursday, November 07, 2013

self portrait Thursday: coming thru?

Kicking off my spt routine once more and feeling that some headspace is returning.

Spurred into activity by Tracey at Fashion Forward 40, I thought I'd better reinstate my narcissistic selfie posts asap.

So - this is me, today. Checking thru notes from a medical conference, prepping the contents for omissions in preparation for turning them into a report.

In Starbucks.
I prefer to get out during a day's writing.
And a coffee shop is a good place to head to.
Coffee. White noise of conversational hum. Food.

Using Toggl to keep track of time (well) spent.

This is how I freelance. This is how I write.

Fashion notes: sweater, thrift; attitude, feisty; confidence, variable
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