Sunday, April 08, 2012

please sponsor an ethical end-of-semester shindig

tomato crop
bountiful harvest aka my pitiful attempt at growing produce on a balcony

At last! The end is in sight!
I've made it through to week 14 of a 14-week semester with my hair, teeth, marbles, and blood pressure intact, all assignments duly submitted approximately on time. While my plans for celebration include spa, shop, Spring Cleaning (boo! but necessary in this pigsty) and art, my Print Futures classmate, Bryce, has more honourable intentions; he starts a two-week internship on a farm in Mexico where he'll learn first-hand about organic and fair trade produce. His employment has been organized through Fair Trade Vancouver and Discovery Organics to spread awareness about ethical sourcing.

Bryce has been writing (eloquently, as usual) about his upcoming adventure both on the blog he writes for Fair Trade Vancouver and on his own wordpress site, BrycewordsMexico, set up to raise awareness and help him drive funds for his sponsorship.

If you can help at all, please click the links for more information, subscribe to his blog for updates, and make a donation to Fair Trade Vancouver through PayPal here.
Thank you.

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