Monday, April 30, 2012

midlife monday: pause

blue trees outside Port Moody City Hall

In my various moonlightings to keep busy with my time, one of my endeavours is a newsletter for a local parenting organization which keeps member families up-to-date with events happening at their local Family Place. The newsletter comprises info from staff as well as interesting tidbits from around and about; I try to remember how lost I felt moving to a new neighbourhood with my Wee Guy in tow, and how nice it was to discover new places to play. Some of those early days were a real celebration of managing to finally get out of Pjs and into the big wide world, so I try to repay the support I got from Tri City Family Place by this volunteering.
The newsletter is very low tech, set up on a simple blogger format and emailed to subscribers. This means that if I do bow out of my volunteer role anybody else can step in without having to be a computer whizz kid.
Usually the content is very routine - where to play, what's needed in the kitchen for snacks, interesting family events coming up in the area ... apart from this month.

Family Place was extremely sorry to receive sad news last month on the sudden death of one of our playmates. We would all like to send our condolences to the family of Rhys David Lewis, who regularly attended Victoria Hall for the drop-in play program. 
I'm sure a lot of you have very happy memories of playing with Rhys - if you would like to honour his memory, his family have set up a condolences page on Facebook and donations are being taken by The Little People of BC (mail cheques to the organization at PO Box 4280, Vancouver BC V6B 3Z7, noting in memory of Rhys David Lewis) to establish an athletics legacy fund in his name.

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