Tuesday, April 24, 2012

booster review

quayside New West
clear skies ahead?

I know some excellent bloggers, like the awesome Amber, run a regular monthly review post on their blogs which detail their achievements, funny interludes and Periods of Deep Thought. It would be a great schedule to drop into ... but I haven't.
Somehow a month is too short; my life seems to run in longer cycles. Or maybe I'm just disorganised.
But here goes.
Voila! What I achieved this semester.

  • I started publishing my Month of Eats meal plans
  • I started embroidering a power station (as you do when the nights are cold and dark)
  • I outed myself as a writer and went thus attired to a networking event
  • I took a painting lesson with the adorable Agata at Port Moody Arts Centre
  • I talked about family planning on Amber's podcast and outed mr ebb's vasectomy (oops! did it again)
  • My work was on display at Port Moody City Hall
  • I got back into doing what I used to love - public speaking, with my 6.5 minute presentation on "home is where the heart is" at Coquitlam's Pecha Kucha Night #6 (and it was as nerve-racking and as enjoyable as I remember)
  • Amber and I had a mum's only weekend away in Victoria ... and we loved it! no kids, no husbands! just cocktails galore (and i still haven't blogged about it - what is wrong with me?)
  • I dabbled in digital art and found it rather relaxing :) I might do some more when college isn't getting in the way
  • The llama farm is still just a glint in my eye
  • Spring Break happened, I taught a jewelry design class, and the Higgs Boson might be in captivity (all totally unrelated ...)
  • I passed this semester's three college courses :) (so yes, i did do some work)
  • My work's on display (again!)

... oh ... and I have a job for the summer ...
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