Monday, April 16, 2012

midlife monday: U.R.OK

U.R.OK - a collection of motivational jewelry

Delivered these to Port Moody Arts Centre for the upcoming Inspiring Each Other exhibition (opens Thursday evening, 6-8pm). I think I may hang on to them as my motto, reminding myself that though progress may be slow I am doing OK.

This week, my first week post-semester, is taxes, post-op care for a sore and subdued, jet-lagged mr ebb (yes, really!), and taking the unwilling Griz for her annual shots. Now that I don't have assignments hanging over my head I can, theoretically, get on with All That I Have Delayed.

I would like to be a bit more constructive with my down-time (bearing in mind that I do have 180 hours of work experience to slot in this summer) than previously.
I'd like to do some real life writing, i.e., pitch some articles, and get to grips with the tiny amount of web and graphic design I've tasted so far.
I'd like to earn some money and I'd like to get back to my art.
I'd like to relax and exercise.
I'd like to accomplish a clean house for the first time in months.
I'd like to see how much I know, how much I can apply it, and is it feasible in, around and in spite of my family.

I'd like balance, contentment and happiness.
And a summer ... is this too much to expect?

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