Thursday, October 20, 2011

self portrait thursday: looking ahead


It's good to feel comfortable and settled. From this kind of peace, looking ahead is more productive, positive and less vulnerable to The Little Voice. You know which one I mean, the internal naysayer.
It's also a lot easier to brush off the external naysayers too when feeling positive. I'm pretty realistic in my goals and dreams so really, I don't need to be reminded of my feet of clay. I had one such conversation this weekend. Now I'm sure offence or doubt weren't meant by this person but their overall message, when are you going to stop sponging off your husband and get a real paying job, sent me into a minor tailspin of doubt. It didn't help I was already tired and felt 'trapped' at home all weekend doing homework/housework while my boys were out enjoying the sun. 
Dealing with my own inner critic takes enough energy; coping with another's negativity saps me even more. There are some people I've decided, it's worth while avoiding. Otherwise I risk exhausting myself dealing with them while the rest of my life stalls.
Sorry, but I'll have more time for you when I'm my kind of successful.

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