Friday, October 14, 2011

friday forte: date night and organising fun

This time, date night was for the whole family, not just me and the Wee Guy. We took mr ebb bowling with us to our favourite lanes (yes, the ones that serve pizza and wings while you bowl) for a fun night out.
We all had a great time and each scored over 100, at least once (cough).
Date night with the boys :)

Date nights started last year as a way of getting out of the house and having fun with the Wee Guy, without constant reminders of work staring me in the face. I did also wonder if they might spur my partner on to setting up some date nights himself, but alas, no.
The Wee Guy and I have had some great times and I've found going out makes it easier to concentrate on him and not constantly running through my to do list. As a result, I've felt much more present for my son. The Wee Guy seems to have enjoyed this too; he even reminds me about dates if I forget one month.

I love going on these date nights - long may they continue (at least until it's no longer cool to hang out with your mum). I've learned that I can switch off for a while and just enjoy the moment with my son. And I hope I've taught the Wee Guy that it is good to make someone feel special by making time for them. Perhaps one day he'll do the organising!

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