Sunday, August 21, 2011

traveling, m.i.a, and arrived

I haven't posted anything substantial since before Monday 15th. Since then, the Wee Guy and I Eurostar-ed from St Pancras to Gare du Nord, arriving midday in Paris and navigated (successfully) through another non-grid system city to our hotel. In a complete coincidence we also ran into mr ebb making his way to the same hotel from his very delayed flight in from Canada.

So our family was complete again (except for dear Grizzy).
That evening (Monday, please pay attention) we walked through Montmatre to Sacre Coeur then had dinner in a lovely cafe as far from the tourist beat as we could find.

Tour Eiffel

Day two in Paris = walk to and climb up Eiffel Tower, followed by Batobus cruise down the Seine to Ile de France/Ile St Louis.

Place de la Concorde

view of Georges Pompidou centre

Day three = walk to and round the Louvre, Batobus again, then depart Gare de Austerlitz on the sleeper for Madrid (our fourth European capital).

a day of traveling: good night boys :)

Day three was Wednesday.
Thursday was spent waiting for a connection to the south of Spain followed by meeting up with my 'other' family at their summer retreat.

a day of traveling: a flock of sheep

So far, we've celebrated two birthdays (my FIL's and mine), swum in the pools lots, used up lots of sun block, eaten at two delightful local restaurants (paella!) and sweated buckets! Despite my best intentions, internet connection is limited hence the m.i.a-ness but heck! it's holiday and I can survive without wifi (she says unconvinced).
I'll post more pics in the next few days, but until then consider yourself excused from reading my blog for a while :)
Happy holidays!

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