Saturday, August 13, 2011

a busy (but enjoyable) day

Albert Memorial, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

1. Science Museum
2. picnic lunch in Hyde Park
3. walk to Buckingham Palace
4. walk back through Green Park and along the Serpentine
5. play time in the Diana Memorial fountain in Kensington Gardens
6. dinner at the Lido cafe
7. skype with daddy
8. bedtime
We packed in a lot of museum, park and walking today :) Great fun was had by all.

However ... I notice now, much more than before when I lived here, that there are so many reminders of death around in this city.

the Australian War Memorial

We walked past the Australian War Memorial, with each battle carved out and highlighted by the tiny names of each of the points of origin of those who died. And we saw the statue commemorating the heroic actions by nurse, Edith Cavell in World War I.

memorial to Edith Cavell

our visit to the science museum

The veterinary history section in the Wellcome Wing at the Science Museum carried reminders of the IRA bombing which slaughtered seven horses and two guardsmen in central London. This happened as I decided to apply for veterinary college - I can remember feeling absolutely horrified that animals could be targeted for terrorist action alongside humans. It also made me realise the cruelty I might be faced with in a future professional life (and I was, but none as bad as this event).

changing the guard

And there's been my mini unintended Diana pilgrimage. We've spent a couple fo evenings playing in the wonderful memorial playground in Kensington Gardens, inspired by her love of children.

a most fantastic playpark

This evening we cooled our toes in the memorial fountain near the Serpentine.

water splash evening

The last time I was near her palace, the front lawn was knee-deep in flowers from mourners. Her death and funeral played out in a very surreal atmosphere in London at the time.


And the last time I stood in front of Buckingham Palace I saw the princes driven past, each pale-faced with the strain of emotion in public life.
And I saw Diana's coffin driven from St. James Palace to Kensington Palace for her last night in her old home before the funeral. Although the crowd by Green Park was six or seven deep, there was no sound. As the hearse emerged from St. James palace, the overhanging trees were illuminated in the dusk with brilliant flashes as onlookers took photographs of history on the move. The wave of lights preceded the car as she moved slowly down the Mall in a deathly hush. People stood in silence with tears running down their faces. London was in deep mourning.

Buckingham Palace

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