Tuesday, August 23, 2011

thru the arched window

thru the arched window, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.
Slowly getting used to sweating 24/7.
Have even volunteered to cook for 12 tomorrow evening (a huge thank you to SIL, Rachel, who cooked The Most Amazing spag bog yesterday in Seriously Compromised Kitchen Conditions.
I must be on holiday.
Yesterday was a trip to the old.
Today was a lazy start followed by a couple of hours in the pool (the Wee Guy can now swim out of his depth and has managed a width of the pool unaided - mr ebb and i are so proud).
After a Very Late Lunch we walked (yes walked - it's waaaaaaaaaaaaay coooler in the late afternoons) to a local water park where the boys went on water slides and I submerged my bikini'd bod in the wave pool.
NB: no bikini'd pics will be surfacing - I am making sure of it :) and I need to maintain my non-mature rating with Blogger ;)
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