Tuesday, August 02, 2011


slideshow: through the windows of Aberdour Castle

One of my current projects on the go is  grandly titled, glimpse. I have absolutely no idea why except that I have a fascination with things only partially in view. I have no idea if it will come to any kind of fruition, or how, or in what medium.

But I did manage to work on it a little during our recent expedition to Aberdour Castle with the Wee Guy. We packed up a picnic, bought more supplies at the village bakery en route, then spent the afternoon exploring this amazing ruin. As well as being a stellar child-entertainment venue, this is also the castle I grew up near. Imagine that! A castle as your playground. And one I can now share with my own son ... and he loves it. There are spiral staircases, vaults, bread ovens, and roofless chambers to explore. There's a new terraced gardens plus a spooky old dovecot full of pigeon poo. There's space to run and space to explore. Perfect.

I have a lot of photographs of the castle, of visits in previous years showing how much the Wee Guy has grown. This visit I wanted to try something different!
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