Monday, January 10, 2011

time in motion monday

my Gullible, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

woke up*shower and wash hair* check Wee Guy is waking and getting dressed*dry hair and get self dressed* breakfast prep Wee Guy*breakfast prep for the pigs*check Gullible - not willing to drink today*first load of laundry*breakfast for self while checking emails*tumble sterling earwire order with stainless steel shot*prep for evening meal*check school bag for day*school run*shared reading with the Wee Guy at school*phone vet*cuddle pigs*first sortie round house cleaning up*first dryer load*second laundry load with pieces for felting*dig pit in garden border*work on jewelry pieces for exhibition*prime and paint cradled panels for gallery show*vet appointment*cuddle Gullible until he falls asleep and stops breathing*home*pizza delivery at school*rescue second pair of outdoor shoes from cubbyhole at school*brief lunch stop*check in on PayPal account for shipping info and pay invoice*package earwire order*lunchtime walk to post office with friend*check in on emails and social media*second coat for cradled panels*fold dryer load*second dryer load*fill pit and replace soil*school pick up*snacks*mop kitchen floor post juice spill*child wrangling*abortive cycling practice*explain about heaven and getting a letter delivered there*counseling appointment*read two chapters of homework for school tomorrow while waiting for Wee Guy*start 'time in motion monday' list*wait for Wee Guy*still waiting*learn about bubble blowing and balloons as aids in anger management*stop off at Kin's for greens for mrs pig*home reading, piano practice and spelling while meal prep takes place*spy school lesson from Wee Guy*fold second dryer load*dinner*short nap on couch with mrs pig*more wine*two phone calls*blogging*chat with friend who is round to collect her gorgeous art dolls*wine*shower*bed*zzzz's

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