Friday, January 21, 2011

friday forte: running so fast i'm standing still

little forest pendants in fine silver
i can see the woods for the trees, dammit

Three quarters of the way thru January and I still don't feel as though I can stop running to keep up. It's been busy (busy) but I'm feeling OK about how I've been coping so far.
  • third week of college completed (homework less so but the deadlines are more than a week away)
  • gallery exhibit pieces finished and delivered
  • bricks-and-mortars re-stocked (a fancy way of saying that I've renewed inventory in all the shops I consign in)
  • housework almost there
  • bills paid
  • family fed, in clean clothes, sane
I'm almost on top of my to-do pile. I'm still prioritising like mad every single day (and would love to get off the wheel). So far nothing, apart from a delayed newsletter, has slipped through (that I know of).
I know what I need to do and how to do it.
But I would really like some kind of structure to my working week.

Last night I sat down with pen and paper to write out all my tasks for the month. From that list I tried to group them; business, volunteer, domestic, and so on, and that divided them into daily/weekly/monthly tasks. From this pattern I can plan out my week, allotting blocks of time to each type of task. If I draw up a master list, a. nothing should slip through, and b. I will never be at a loose end for something to do.

Heck! I might even feel like I'm making progress.
Gee! I might even schedule a day off :)

PS: I will be stepping off the wheel until mid week - I've got one post scheduled and then there's Monday when I will participate in shared reading, followed a skype interview with the awesome Amber for her Crafting My Life course, a school skating trip, and finally an anger management session for the Wee Guy.
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