Monday, January 03, 2011

shout out sunday but we had internet problems

SPT Thursday January 3rd 2008

disclaimer: internet connection issues have delayed this post (honest, really!)
 BTW, this still isn't the year in review post or the 2011 resolutions issue
but please keep reading ..

 The start of a new year seems to signify a great deal of navel gazing and introspection and reminiscing in the blogosphere; it won't be any different here once I get rid of my holiday guests and the family goes back to work/school get back to a regular work routine so don't despair. I do have my plans (one of them is to steer well clear of resolutions - I might adopt a targets approach instead which, IMO, is less nebulous than promising to do good) but I also have a lot of hard work ahead for the next few months viz, going back to college, two group gallery exhibits, a website revamp and a possible website "instigate", ongoing blogging, and the usual home business stuff (incredibly important this year as it's paying my college tuition) including my own solo gallery show (a first!). I cannot possibly fit self improvement into the daily timeline! My life will be self-focused enough up until April (when I'm not dealing with the usual domestic issues as per the norm).

Although I'll be ruminating long and loud about myself, I thought it would be a nice break for all concerned to give a shout out to three other 'ladies of the internet' who will be doing some ruminating themselves during 2011. I've met all of them in real life (!), their blogs are on my Reader, and they always have something worth reading. I wish them well during their own personal journeys in 2011 - we should all have great 'year in review' posts to read by December 31st.

Snowshoes adventure

My first shout out is to my little sister who blogs about what she'd like to do when she grows up. She's been bravely forging a new life for herself, exploring single living and contentment after some crappy life events ... She is a total inspiration to me as nothing seems to keep her felled for long ... and she's doing it all by herself. Along with the IRL career girl stuff, Becca also writes about wheat intolerance and recipes, her beloved Stirling (yes, back in bonnie Scotland), learning to tango, and boldly going out on a limb being brave stuff. She reminds me of what life is like back in the world of work i.e. it's not all wine and roses, but she still offers sage advice on my plans to dabble there. She is also a most excellent Aunty B to the Wee Guy! (She also writes great solo travel posts for her blog - check out Spain and Wales over there).

My next shout out is to the amazing Amber, the social media hublet of the Tri Cities. I think she commented on a blog post of mine a couple of years ago, or followed my tweets and I followed back ... the rest is history. She is an awesome connection within my neighbourhood social media, awesome in real life, and is crafting herself a new direction after her job disappeared while on maternity leave. She's talked candidly and eloquently on how it feels to be the mother of two young children and suddenly have the rug pulled from under you at a very vulnerable time. As well as blogging about family and domestic life, she's also produced a series of posts comparing maternity leave regulations in different countries, is collecting stories for a new book on becoming a parent, and is launching an online course on getting the best out of Your life (click on the button above for more info, to sign up, and so on. and check out my new sidebar button too). She's a total inspiration on getting things done in, around and in spite of the family.


My last shout out is to a totally new friend who I've gotten to know her over the internet this year, and finally met up with this Christmas at last. Frances very nobly suffered non-stop turkey with us this year after bravely accepting an invite to come visit after Christmas. She arrived on Boxing Day to assist with eating up the rest of the festive bird at almost every mealtime. She brought homemade truffles and easy conversation and new friendship. Why is Frances on my blog reading list? She is also an inspiration in forging a new life, making a new path, following a dream. Her blog posts tackle everything from fostering/new parenting to grief to finding joy and making pickles. I know she has plans for 2011 and it's a privilege to be able to read along.

inlet walk - Becca and Frances

So ladies - excuse the gushing, but 2011 (no pressure!)
All the best :)
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