Sunday, November 14, 2010

shout outs: Soap

Get Lucky Handmade Soap

Today's shout out is for an online friend from waaaaaay back on Etsy, Soap. This talented Etsian works out of San Francisco and makes the most awesome handcrafted soaps available on the internet. I've been a regular buyer since 'meeting' her back in the early days and always have little stash of her goodies set aside (they make excellent spur-of-the-moment gifts).

When I was sick after losing my balance and hearing, the nausea was so bad that regular scents made me physically sick. Luckily I discovered that Soap's products didn't provoke that response so, in her own marketing slogan, I could still banish stinky. I'm not as sensitive these days but I still use her soaps in the shower.

My favourite scents tend to be her more unisex ones; Black Velvet and Surfer Dude are my favourites. I have a profound weakness for Dragon's Blood and my all-time girly go-to is Stroke Me.

CocoLime Handmade Soap

But it's not just soaps from Soap; she also makes vegan/vegetarian lip balms and tints (awesome), mixes perfumes, deodorants and scrubs. However, it's her most awesomest ever body moisturiser in existence that I sing the highest of praises about. Her Whipt Pudding™ "touch, melt, rub, repeat" is a true delight for the skin, curing the most stubborn flakiness with ease. It's worthwhile getting a tub of the stuff in with your soap order. My favourite, OCV (orange, clove, vanilla), is worth looking out for but Stroke Me is a very worthy second choice (or first, depending on the mood).

And talking of ordering - check out the specials, especially the seven- or five- bar packages for shipping economy ..... and tell her ebbandflo sent you :)

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PS: and don't forget to check out her other shop for some great novelty, art and  kid soaps. The Wee Guy thoroughly endorses Wet Grass cos of the mud scent in the 'earth' layer :)

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