Monday, November 29, 2010

mompreneur monday?

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no, this isn't the start of yet another alliteratively titled regular blog posts (heavens, i already have wordless wednesdays, friday fortes and fibre fridays and have flirted with a shout-out saturday) though it is tempting to get the creative juices running by installing yet another theme into my blogging.

as a complete side note, and off topic though vaguely related poser, my new blogging venture will be thru the newly discovered "send to" option on google reader whereby i will be regurgitating posts from the other blog on here (only the fascinating ones)(wait, they're all fascinating)

no, mompreneur monday is something i shall not be featuring on my blog. i truly dislike the term. according to wiki, it equates with very small business, hobbypreneur or home-based business, all of which are correct but are really limiting

there are some amazing and inspiring women who also happen to be mums who are attempting to balance life, motherhood, their family's needs and personal contentment/career matters all together in the melting pot that is Domestic Life. i applaud them totally. and let's face it, it's what i'm trying to do too but i've decided i choose not be labeled mompreneur.

- it sounds cutesy (along with some of the company names IMO)(including mine)(i'll give my reasons for its name in another post).
- it sounds derogatory and somewhat patronising (she's only a mompreneur)(yes, we all know how much it takes to do the family and business thing but ...)
- it sounds like an excuse for not getting back to Real Work (whatever that is)
- it seems to offer a complete opt-out of being professional since the implication is Family Comes First, and don't think that the general public won't latch on to this
- there is now a real pressure on for all mums to be doing this, to be running a cottage bib-making or toy-stuffing workshop while their children nap/breastfeed/watch quality programming on tv/play with their organic handmade fairtrade recycled biodigestible authentic toythings (aka cardboard box)

and finally, when was the last time you heard a man being described as a dadpreneur?
my work here is done ..

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