Monday, November 22, 2010

one of those days: hunkering down

So ... I feel like I was jinxed today, reading Amber's blog post on "When Your Baby Is Sick". We live in the same locale, and there is The Virus going around; I think we've had it already .... but the cough still lingers. The Wee Guy, like many other children, suffers from asthma (or more correctly, we all suffer from his asthma)(correction: we all suffer from our own asthma as well as his) and coughs persist.
This month has been such a month.
The Cough has persisted.
Persisted so much so that a visit to the doc's was needed last week to reassure me I was being A Good Enough Mother. Meds were changed but still the cough persisted.
Yesterday he went skiing (yay snow), the day before he went to the Space Museum, and today he went to school - all activities accomplished energetically punctuated with passable impressions of a sealion.
This morning I got two calls from the school, describing my son the seal. The second call requested I collect him forthwith.
So he came home ... and was dispatched to bed. Many grumbles!
He's not really sick so bed is Really Boring, but the house is chilly and I have loads of work to do.
Solution: nest together in my studio with an extra heater, and CBC R2 for entertainment. So far we've talked about Beethoven, listened to Rachmaninov, and learned to navigate thru Scholes. I've made jewelry and had company. He's increased his musical knowledge and quizzed the stuffies.
I think this is what I'm working towards - having the flexibility in life to be available for family matters while staying engaged with the outside world in a meaningful-to-me way.
Wish me luck :)

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