Friday, June 26, 2009

take your dog to work day

toby and canoe
looking east from Deep Cove

So today is "Take your Dog to Work Day". Sadly I no longer have a dog to take to work but when I did Toby frequently accompanied me wherever I went, when possible.
He came to work with me in Newcastle, to the small animal practice I worked from. He often came out in the car on housecalls and traveled with me on every emergency call at night. When I switched practices he stayed with me at the clinic when I was on call. He was great company.
When I moved to London it no longer was possible to bring him with me on the morning commute so he stayed at home long hours until I got back in the evening. He suffered dreadfully with separation anxiety until we found him a dog walker and then doggy daycare kenneling. Since he was ours and our responsibility we stuck it out with him, trying to make the best. Not ideal, and even now I am not at all in favour of people getting a dog when they will be out of the house all day. It's just not fair to keep a dog like this.
toby in a canoe
Eventually we moved to Canada - he came with us even though by then he was over 10 years old. I was once more able to be with him all the time ie. I was unemployed! We explored Vancouver together, spending long days walking on the beach or hiking thru Stanley Park. It was bliss for both of us. At the weekend we'd go on longer adventures to Hemlock Valley or even up to Whistler. Once the Wee Guy arrived Toby was content to trot along beside the stroller on whatever mission we found ourselves on.
He was euthanased for age-related issues just over four years ago and there will truly never be another dog like him.
28Apr02 my Tobydog
Toby 1989 - 2005

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