Tuesday, June 16, 2009

seaglass colours
scottish seaglass from 'home'

I'm probably hitting this a little off the blog boil but there have been two articles lately concerning dear old Etsy. The first, accusing the site of peddling a fraudulent feminist myth, is soundly smacked down in a hissy fit by the second, both roundly missing the point almost made in the first. As usual with all things Etsy, the most interesting info is gleaned in the comments, cupcake vs. non-cupcake for the most part. It seems impossible to be merely neutral about Etsy but why the tendency to hang up critical thinking by the forum door - oh, OK it gets a little sticky with the frosting. I get ya!

Blind devotion to the cause is one thing but please don't let the sprinkles obscure the continued insulting of stay-at-home parents (psst! in etsyland, being a SAHM is not a real job). Interestingly this continues to be peddled despite, as stated in the first article, the site being awash with the fairer sex (with some notable and vociferous exceptions ........... oh, they've been muted!).

At last, an outside observer has pointed out that much of the much lauded quit your day job series (QYDJ) isn't. Sure it enables mum to stay home with the kiddies but not without a salaried full-timer partner in the hazy background (who often has to assist with packing Etsy orders into the small hours too). None of the QYDJ-ers I've read are doing anything more than what I'm doing and I'm not glorifying my Etsy-sistence as a quit my job chronicle. Until I can pay for a housekeeper and childcare, I'm still doing my regular day job in addition ....... and so are the majority of QYDJ mums I've read (note: only one was honest enough to admit it).

What irks me is that this sanctioned dismissal of stay-at-home parenting continues .... and that none of the (female) cupcakes bats an eyelid thru the frosting. Would this happen on a male-dominated site? Somehow I cannot imagine a masculine clientele lapping up complete dismissal of a whole sector of male employment, as well as all the other disciplinary, muting, shop closure, smack down crap that goes on.


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