Wednesday, February 11, 2009

how to write a how to ....

In short, I have no idea ..... but I know how I like to read a 'how to'.
Last year I was lucky enough to receive some fantastic ceramic moulds to test out for the amazing Lisa of seaurchin (who has worked as a sculptor/model maker for Aardman Animations). After some correspondence she sent me two types of mould to try out with Art Clay Silver (ACS).

inverno ACS pendant with glass and pearls
price $67 CAD, available here

Whee! and what fun it was! The pieces themselves were very detailed and beautiful flower push moulds, producing intricate patterns in the clay. I documented each step and tested out several different methods of using them with the ACS.

So finally I could send Lisa my findings, summarised on this web page and complete with pictures.

ACS daisy ring on sterling silver ring band
$40 USD, available here
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