Monday, February 23, 2009

endless winter

In this part of the world endless winter conjures up not images of vast snowfields but days and days of pouring rain. Last week's sun is a distant memory as the wet stuff pours from the sky.
Mustn't grumble - it'll be falling as snow at higher and colder elevations (and maybe here too if the Google weather forecast can be believed.
OK so I didn't get a table at the craft fair, and I am fed up with having an achy neck, and maybe it would be nice to feel inspired and creative again.
Chill - it will happen! I've got a lot of other things On My Plate which need clearing before then. And I guess I'm just stressing a little about them.
I have had some cool new ideas for some wire crochet creations, all a little more out-of-the-box than my previous ideas and am itching to try them out. (makes mental note: write them down somewhere!).
I also attended a really inspiring seminar given by an artist exhibiting her awesome textile art at Place des Arts which made me think about my 'flotsam' on a slightly different scale. Ho hum - need some more time in my day (and energy, damn flu). If you are in the area check out Kirsten Chursinoff's exhibition, on until mid March. Her beach pieces are my personal faves.
I have managed to list a few new items for sale (including 'winter hips' above and have even got all spring-y with a spring greens section in my etsy shop.

winter hips opera length necklace with matching earrings
available here

ebb and flo by pomo mama design click to shop pomo mama design online!